How to setup password expiration on a windows computer with no domain controller

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In an office with no domain controller, the only option to setup a password to expire is using the local users and groups snapin.

To open the Local Users and Groups snapin press your windows key and R and type:


Then hit enter.

This opens the Local Users and Groups manager. Select the user you want to enable password expiration for.

On the General tab, look for the ‘Password never expires’ option. If you want to enable password expiration in Windows 10, uncheck this option.

The password expires after 30 days.

This option is usually enabled if you’re connected to a domain. It’s a tool that we, network administrators use to force everyone on the domain to keep their accounts safe. The user won’t be able to turn it off. You can only disable it if you have Windows 10 Pro installed on your home computer and you’re the admin.

If your work computer forces you to reset your password after 30 -90 days, then that’s just a company policy enforced via Windows. There’s no way around it.

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