Top 5 Reasons For A Sluggish Computer

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People often call us because their computers are way too slow.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons For A Sluggish Computer:

  1. RAM – A computer, or server, with inadequate memory will crawl to a halt. You will experience slow everything, Internet, file access, opening programs, bootup and even shutting down the computer will be slow. How to fix it? Add the maximum mount of RAM your computer or server can handle. Or, at least 16GB for laptops and computers and 32GB for the average server.
  2. Too many programs running or a virus – Again this could be related to the amount of RAM your system has. But if your computer has enough RAM, at least 16GB and it’s still acting slow maybe you have too many things installed or running that are eating up all that RAM. A virus or some form of malware can be using your computer resources to send out spam or some other type of problem.
  3. Backups or Updates – Scheduled backups or updates that run during the middle of the day will cause your computer to behave slow, simply because it is using resources that can be used for your daily work. The solution is to schedule backups and updates for after hours. We often setup our customers computers to run at 9pm, but this is something you will need to configure depending in your particular case.
  4. Slow Internet – Sometimes the computer and the amount of programs running are fine and it is your Internet or network connection that is slowing things down. Test your Internet connection from another computer in the office. If you have a slow internet, we have a post dedicated just to this issue. A slow Internet can be caused by outdated equipment, updates, backups, etc…
  5. Old Computer – yes, a slow computer can jut be a sign that your computer is too told. If you have upgraded your RAM and upgraded your disk drive to SSD drive then your computer just may be too old and it’s time to upgrade. But, first make sure you have maxed your RAM and have upgraded your Disk Drive to a solid State Disk

If you checked all these things and still feel that you want a professional to take a look and make you a recommendation give us a call or get in contact for a FREE quote or checkup.

We have techs standing by to help you remotely from location.

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