Ransomware – what it is and how to defend yourself against it!

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What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of software program that it is designed to encrypt all the files in your computer and anything attached to it. The encrption that it’s used can’t be broken. Or, it can but it would take a super computer 100,000.00 years to do it.

The only way to get the files decrypted or restored is by knowing the “key” basically a password or phrase used as a key to encrypt the files. Without that key you cannot decrypt or open the files.

But, if you have a reliable backup, you can recover from your reliable backup…

If! By any chance, you don’t have a reliable backup I recommend you look for cloud backups solutions and get in contact with your IT or hire an IT company to look into it.

Having a reliable backup is the most important task of your organization. If you need help finding out if you have a reliable backup, we can help you.

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